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O2 Prime and Cleaner Air

O2 Prime Alliance The alarming speed at which coronavirus has infected people across the world has forced businesses to think more about healthier air quality. Secondary measures are calling for rudimentary face coverings to protect people and revisiting activities like good hand washing and covering up coughs. Fortunately, with O2 Prime technology, businesses can do more to help improve the quality of the air people breathe while also helping to reduce the spread of communicable illnesses.

O2 Prime is centered on improving indoor air quality. The quality of the air in a commercial facility impacts business owners, managers, employees and customers. Hospitals, clinics, day care centers, government facilities and commercial buildings as well as schools can use O2Prime as a preventative measure to halt the spread of germs while also saving on energy and contributing to a healthier environment, overall. If you are wondering whether or not O2Prime is ideal for your facility, read on to learn more.

O2 Prime Benefits

O2Prime benefits can be summarized as improving the lives of people “one breath at a time”. You see, while air is good, clean air is even better. While the air is a necessity for life, it can become easily contaminated by harmful pathogens all around us. People spend the bulk of their day in office buildings, warehouses, schools, medical offices and other establishments where viruses thrive and are constantly being spread.

HVAC systems play a role in the transfer of air and also the quality of the air that people breathe inside of buildings. O2 Prime addresses several aspects of air handling to include reducing outside air, saving on energy, reducing and controlling pathogens such as viruses and reducing and controlling mold. While people may go about their daily lives hardly thinking about things like mold or outside air while indoors, silent threats certainly exist. The recent spread of the coronavirus is a perfect example of how something not visible to the eye can cause a global pandemic.

O2Prime tests indicate that the technology is capable of killing viruses on surfaces and also in the air. Airborne viruses account for many of the upper respiratory infections that afflict people each year causing them to miss work. As employees are taken out of the office environment to recover from preventable illnesses, money is impacted, time is lost and productivity slows. In commercial buildings, where humans spend a large percentage of the day and in many cases the evening, they must feel comfortable and most importantly healthy. Buildings can make people sick, O2Prime addresses this problem with proven effectiveness.

O2Prime Benefits Continued

There are countless benefits to including O2Prime with your air systems. First, up to 70% outside air savings can be achieved. Indoor air quality is measurable. Moreover, VOCs are significantly reduced. More importantly, there is no concern for harmful byproducts. O2Prime is ASHRAE compliant and free of both Mercury and Titanium Dioxide.

Trust Alliance Comfort Systems as your expert in HVAC. Allow us to work with you to provide the best path to cleaner air that is free from viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew with our O2Prime technology. You can help to create a safer and cleaner environment indoors to improve your profitability while also saving on energy

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