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What is Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization, and how does it work?

Louisville Kentucky Bipolar IonizationLouisville Kentucky Bipolar ionization is a technology that is executed to fight air pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathogens. Interestingly, this technology has been applied for years, and it was originally introduced to the United States of America in 1970; Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization technology is applied in numerous HVAC systems. However, this technology was implemented to combat microbes in the food manufacturing industry in the past, but nowadays, it is no longer restricted to the food manufacturing market.

Besides, scientists have proved that the technology is extremely efficient for other industries in the economy with time. Air purification energy has been highly significant to the health sector, precisely fighting against viruses such as norovirus and various influenza strains, and the SARS.

About Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization

Furthermore, in Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization is quickly gaining popularity, particularly after the outbreak of the coronavirusAbout Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization pandemic, which has made the whole world rethink hygiene and air quality. Louisville Kentucky Bipolar ionization has been proven to decrease the spread of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria through the atmosphere.

This solution produces negative and positive ions into the environment; this ionization process results in the release of groups of OH (hydroxyl) radicals. Also, these radicals are developed on the pathogens’ surfaces to mainly get rid of the hydrogen component from these deadly microbes’ membranes, thus deactivating any molecule that might be prospectively infectious.

Contrary, if this Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization equipment is not professionally and properly specified and installed, it may lead to severe damages such as horrible health effects. These generators produce negatively and positively charged oxygen ions that interact with the pollutants in the indoor atmosphere, resulting in them reducing in spreading in the space or being trapped by a mechanical filter in the air handling equipment.

When accurately mounted, operated, and serviced, the Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization can decrease mold and dust, trap odors, lower VOCs(volatile organic compounds) and remove bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in the atmosphere.

Working on Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization

Furthermore, ions produced by this technology are technically alive; frequently, it is important to move room air through the ion generator to make sure ample interaction with the contaminants. The Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization generators are normally mounted directly on the air handling device or on the ductwork; however, there are also recirculating room spaces, which are also accessible through the manufacturers. Besides, it is highly significant to inspect the power to develop ozone when handling an ionization product; ozone has shown to have severe impacts on human health as the by-product of operation.

Louisville Kentucky Bipolar IonizationLouisville Kentucky Bipolar ionization can be applied to purify the atmosphere in residential and commercial establishments because the ions contribute to agglomerating the tiny sub-micron particles, making them easily filtered. The ions effectively break down the hazardous VOCs using an electron volt potential below twelve(eV<12) into harmless components such as water vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, among others.

The ions deactivate the microbes by destroying their protein surfaces; these ions move through the air stream into the occupied areas, purifying the air everywhere, even in the spaces we cannot access.

Additionally, this technology creates an insignificant amount of ozone emission to the atmosphere, and it does regular demand maintenance. Alliance Comfort Systems is highly dedicated to ensuring our clients and customers enjoy the most superior quality of Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization products and services.

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