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Commercial Bipolar Ionization killed at a rate of 99 %

Science of Commercial Bipolar Ionization

Science of Commercial Bipolar IonizationScientific studies indicate that viruses are killed by Commercial bipolar ionization. When individuals afflicted with a virus cough or maybe sneeze, they deliver contaminated droplets through the atmosphere. Ionization seeks out both airborne pathogens and their droplets, which land on surface areas. Research suggests that ionizing air has the ability to prevent the transmission of a virus.

Typical examples of pathogens include commonly known viruses like the Norovirus, coronaviruses, flu, and legionella, to mention a few. Furthermore, a virus cannot sustain itself without a solid hydrogen bond. Pathogens are, in reality, neutralized by Commercial bipolar ionization and eventually put out of commission.

Essentially, adhering to the final phase in the ionization process, a virus is subsequently made inactive. Global Plasma technology delivers optimal control of viruses as indicated by 3rd party analysis. In cases wherein Global Plasma™ was utilized to eliminate airborne viruses, tests proved that the pathogens had been killed at a rate of 99 % by using Commercial Bipolar ionization.  

COVID-19 and Coronavirus Strains Commercial Bipolar Ionization

alliance comfort sys providing high quality of Commercial Bipolar IonizationCoronaviruses are not new and are a part of the family of pathogens that cause the common cold, among many other illnesses. Nonetheless, the virus mutated and formed a new strain that had never previously been observed in humans. Professionals continue to investigate the negative effects of coronavirus on people with COVID 19. Commercial Bipolar ionization, when applied to heating and cooling units, is being explored by companies as a way to stop the spread of the virus.

Reports suggest the disease has a major effect on the lungs along with other critical organs. Based on earlier studies and the most rational approach, Commercial bipolar ionization is likely to impact coronavirus strains should they be airborne or on the surface level.

The simple fact of the matter is that illness in commercial buildings plays a role in a decline in productivity and profitability. Moreover, as workers call out ill and also avoid work, their personal earnings are affected. Every year, countless individuals miss work because of ailments such as the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and the common cold. Visiting health-related appointments, urgent care, and emergency rooms may get expensive.

Commercial Bipolar Ionization is working well with HVAC alsoHowever, facilities can help manage the spread of viruses through appropriate care of ventilation systems. Moreover, viruses are generally killed on contact and in the atmosphere to prevent their spread with the right cleaning solutions.

We can treat HVAC units with Global Plasma. The measure is a simple one that can be added in a short time to units. The mechanism is robust in regulating outdoor temperatures and outdoor air passage into facilities to contribute to the viral spread. Furthermore, Global Plasma adds to the efficiency of HVAC units by saving on energy. Finally, the technology reduces VOCs and kills airborne and surface microorganisms known for causing serious illness.

Learn more about how we can help improve your heating and cooling systems’ performance while also stopping the spread of germs in your facility.

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