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Testing conducted by independent third-party firms suggests that bipolar ionization can decimate viruses when germs are spread through coughing, sneezing, and surface contamination.  Global plasma solutions Solutions is an advanced indoor air cleaning technology that can be added, with ease, to forced air systems.

As companies move toward efficient energy, our unique products answer the call. Our exclusive innovations reinvigorate the focus toward energy efficiency while also improving indoor air quality. global plasma solutions inc technology is a feature that can be added without difficulty in heating and air-conditioning units.

global plasma Solutions Technology Explained

global plasma Solutions Behind the Science

global plasma Solutions

Processes vary because every client has an individual need. Ionization jump-starts the process in our solution by removing viruses, VOCs, and bacteria.

Ionization and China Coronavirus

Because the recent strain of COVID-19 is novel, analytical tests have yet to be performed. Should the latest coronavirus, however, behave as other viruses that were tested previously have, deductive reasoning may suggest that the kill rates would be comparable.

Global plasma solutions Controlling Microorganisms

Studies indicate that bipolar ionization controls microorganisms. The process, which consists of ions joining pathogens and removing a hydrogen bond, results in a dead airborne or surface virus non-viable. Independent third-party test results indicate the kill rate of different germs.

A Final Word for global plasma Solutions

In conclusion, germs such as staph, SARS, flu strains, TB, and the common cold can be reduced by global plasma solutions needlepoint bipolar ionization. Global Plasma is effective in independent third-party studies in certified labs. Research results suggest that technology is capable of infectious microorganisms quickly. Similarly, the innovative solution has been found to control mold, bacteria, and mildew along with foul odors. Because of how bipolar ionization works, viruses can be killed in the air and on surfaces through forced air. 

Tailored Business Solutions with global plasma Solutions

View our case studies to explore our tailored business solutions.


An Indiana-based airport needed to reduce energy expenses during a renovation project. In addition to lowering energy costs, the company desired to eliminate pathogens, mold, VOCs, and bacteria.


Hospitals rely on mobile equipment. However, it is susceptible to HAI’s within enclosed environments for extended periods. IC, when applied, reduces the ability of HAI’s to grow on surfaces.


A large outdoor arena that accommodates up to 67,000 occupants needed a customized solution to improve indoor air while limiting outdoor air. Additionally, the HVAC required clean HVAC coils. Global Plasma was chosen to meet the requirements.

global plasma Solutions

Academic Institutions

The Medical Center at the University of Pittsburgh discovered that UVC light to kill pathogens had limited effectiveness. The method caused some pathogens to remain at the cellular level and led to escalated costs associated with maintenance and replacement parts.

Junior High School

Global Plasma was a middle school solution that required greater energy savings, reduced HVAC systems, and better indoor air quality for occupants, including administrators, faculty, and students. Global Plasma was an alternative solution to a complete equipment upgrade.

Primary Schools

Global Plasma was an ideal solution for the new construction of a 120,000 sq. ft. Indiana elementary school. The system was built to reduce outside air

What are the benefits?

The Global plasma solutions technology can be seamlessly incorporated into air cooling and heating systems. Human beings and animals can sneeze, cough, and touch objects where invisible air pollutants could be contaminated. Microbes or pathogens are always on their feet(well, not literally), they are always ready to attack the next victim, and the process of human beings constantly and subconsciously touching, coughing, and sneezing makes it even more accessible for these deadly pathogens to attack them.

How is it different from others

This technology functions differently because every process is distinct, peculiar, and designed to suit every client’s and customer’s needs. It all begins with ionization; the technology at Alliance Comfort Systems gets rid of microbes and pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds; therefore, the global plasma solutions solution ultimately kills them and reduces contaminants. Global plasma solutions solution needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology is the classic and first of its kind among the indoor air quality industry.

Besides, this technology can be implemented for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes and the commercial establishments are the most popular and largest energy consumers. Twelve allowed patents are powering this technology, while other patents are still pending. The global plasma solutions technology focuses on particulates, odor, pathogens, and indoor air quality.

Furthermore, the global plasma solutions technology comes with tremendous benefits, particularly the commercial premises; with its significant energy consumption, the operation costs and energy expenses are constantly escalating. Although, with this technology, these establishments can lower the quantity of air they need from outside, resulting in decreased energy costs. If a solution helps cut costs while simultaneously energy by at least thirty percent is quickly approved and embraced.

Besides, it is vital to consider whether the solution results in any sort of brutality to the environment; among the topmost priority is preserving the environment at all costs, and most consumption of energy is bound to participate in the greenhouse gas emissions. Lowering the consumption and production of energy by global plasma solutions contributes to environmental conservation.

How working

Global plasma solutions is an advanced indoor air cleaningAdditionally, during the global plasma solutions ionization process, pollen, pet dander, dust are attracted to each other, thus increasing their mass and size. These airborne contaminants become vaster; therefore, they are easier to trap. On the other hand, for the VOCs (volatile organic compounds), odor, whether cooking or not, chemical smells, pets odors, the technology breaks them down into harmless compounds that are completely free of smell.

The plasma generator establishes ions that combat and kill pathogens, including mold, viruses, bacteria, and many others. So, how exactly do these ions kill the pathogens? They deprive them of hydrogen because this is a highly significant component of their survival.

When the ions released by this plasma air purification technology are permitted into the air stream, they break down gases and other pollutants into harmless compounds such as water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Global plasma solutions technology has successfully been installed more than a hundred and fifty thousand times and counting.

On the other hand, unlike other air purification technology that depends on ultraviolet rays and can only go for shorter distances, the ions released by global plasma solutions technology go for longer distances within the air stream. They can purify the atmosphere even when they are not within proximity with the plasma generator. Besides, the technology develops similar ions to nature, thus making them a naturally occurring creation such as waterfalls, ocean waves, lightning, and many others.

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Fantastic service! When I called Alliance and explained that my AC wasn't working and I needed it urgently because I take care of my 80-year-old mother, they immediately send their technician to help. The other hvac company in Louisville said it would take at least three days to fix the issue in this triple-digit heat, but Alliance fixed my problem in same day, and now we have cool air again! They are truly a blessing. From now on, whenever I have air conditing issues, I know exactly who to call—Alliance Comfort Systems!
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I recently rented heating and cooling equipment from Alliance Comfort Systems Inc for a temporary facility, and I was impressed with their flexibility and responsiveness. They worked with me to create a customized rental plan that fit my specific needs and budget. Their equipment was reliable and efficient, and their team was friendly and professional. Overall, a great rental experience. Highly recommended!



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