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Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC ServicesThere are very many buildings that require commercial HVAC services. These buildings include large offices, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Commercial HVAC services are essential to these buildings’ occupants because they ensure comfortability for the occupants, keep them happy, and increase productivity. Nobody wants to sit in a room that has poor air conditioning and ventilation. Such environments encourage the growth and spread of bacteria and other pathogens harmful to the body once one is exposed to them. In buildings that require commercial HVAC services, the commercial HVAC system is interconnected. It can provide its functions of heating, cooling, and ventilation to individual floors of the buildings.

Commercial HVAC Services and Tips HVAC

Commercial HVAC Services and Tips HVACAdditionally, in commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, there are two different heaters types. One type is the radiant heater that uses infrared radiation to heat the air, while the second type is the furnace that uses fuel to heat the air. There are also three categories of HVAC systems that most commercial buildings use.

  • Centralized HVAC system where there is only a single unit. This system uses water as a cooling medium for the air that passes through the HVAC system. For this category, there is considerable ductwork that allows for fair air distribution throughout the building. There are some advantages to centralized HVAC systems; they are easier to control, and the possibility for load management is high. However, they are complicated to operate and manage.
  • A packaged HVAC system is the second category under which many commercial buildings fall. This category is suitable for facilities that lack extra space because it incorporates the heat pump, air conditioner, fan coil, and evaporator in one unit. Otherwise, if the room were not an issue, then we would have all these parts of the system in multiple units. Packaged HVAC systems have thermostats controlling the system. They also have air quality purifiers and ventilators.
  • Lastly, individual HVAC systems are also referred to as decentralized systems. Unlike packaged systems with one unit carrying many parts of the system, this category uses multiple units in different locations in the same building to separately have air condition, heating, cooling, and ventilation. This category is advantageous because it is easy to control; however, it cannot be instrumental if used in a large company. Examples of individual systems are air-to-air heaters, air conditioning units, and rooftop units.

Commercial HVAC Services and replacements

Commercial HVAC Services and replacementsSome of the services offered under commercial HVAC services include duct repair and replacement, thermostat installation, preventive maintenance plan, indoor air quality solutions, and heating repairs and replacements. Commercial buildings like hospitals differ from residential areas when issues and challenges arise from HVAC systems. It is therefore essential to hire someone conversant with Commercial HVAC service to look into your needs. Alliance Comfort Systems is the best option for you because we offer licensed and trained professionals other than quality products to ensure satisfactory installation and maintenance.

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