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What Makes Industrial Bipolar Ionization Effective for fighting Covid-19?

Industrial Bipolar ionization technology is one of the highly advanced systemsCovid-19 has caused several unforeseeable changes that have left property owners and building managers in a dilemma in preparing their facilities ready for occupants. Working areas have today become different environments to get through the Covid-19 guidelines. Industrial Bipolar ionization properties have proven to be effective in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Today, you can help eliminate Covid-19 and other pathogens from your working space or organization by having Alliance Comfort Systems install the GPS Industrial bipolar ionization unit within your premises. The ions present in Industrial bipolar ionization cause the production of clusters of hydroxyl radicals formed on the surface of microbes, eliminating the hydrogen needed for the virus to survive, thus making them weak and inactive.

Industrial Bipolar Ionization is safe and very useful

Covid-19 spreads through contaminated surfaces and contact with an infected person. Industrial Bipolar ionization is a core recommendation for reducing airborne infections. It disinfects your organization’s surfaces and airstream, reducing the chances of you and your workers contracting Covid-19 which is highly contracted or spread through surfaces and the air, especially when people cough or breath next to one another. It is particularly suitable for small and temporary spaces such as working areas where people meet daily for work or dining structures such as restaurants that experience high traffic of occupants.

Industrial Bipolar ionization technology is one of the highly advanced systemsProperty managers now ensure that they take precautionary measures and steps to make buildings safer and healthier even as the pandemic continues. Air cleaners like Industrial bipolar ionization have become prevalent during the pandemic as most people use them in preparation for the building before people resume back to their offices. They help in reducing risk through a layered approach.

Even though CDC does not provide recommendations for and against the use of bipolar within facilities, it has a safety potential to keep people safe by disinfecting surfaces and killing the virus-like SAR-CoV -2. This measure may not guarantee a 100% risk-free environment, but Industrial bipolar ionization can potentially mitigate and reduce the spread of Covid-19 and viruses throughout a given area.

The major goal for ionization is to create larger particles that can then be collected easily through air filter units. It is a good cleaning method that doesn’t require additional cleaning. Industrial Bipolar ionization makes the working space flexible amid the pandemic. This happens by installing the ionization system in open spaces such as offices where Covid-19 guidelines such as social distancing and avoiding human contact are needed. Even though each technology that gets implemented in your facility today and every policy should be seen through a risk management lens, bipolar ionization provides the best air cleaning system.

Advanced systems experiencingIndustrial Bipolar ionization makes the working space flexible amid the pandemic

Industrial Bipolar ionization technology is one of the highly advanced systems experiencing an expansion and acceptance among various facilities. This technology is safe and effective in cleaning the air. Despite ozone concerns in the previous years, today’s technology is zone-free, reduces air contaminants, reduces pathogens, and enhances efficiency in cleaner coils, leading to better heat transfer. When integrated with other Covid-19 measures such as hand sanitizing, social distancing, and surface cleaning, organizations are now aiming at introducing technologically advanced systems like ionization to improve the quality of air in their facilities.

For more information about Industrial bipolar ionization, call us today for a professional guide and have an ionization system installed in your building to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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