You are currently viewing Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization as the Secret Weapon to Counter Covid-19

Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization as the Secret Weapon to Counter Covid-19

Louisville Kentucky Bipolar ionization air purify systemThe various corporations worldwide are now discovering Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization as they claim it could be a secret weapon to fight the COVID 19 virus. The so-called weapon is gaining popularity. This is as a result of the Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization proving to counter various related viruses. These include norovirus and SARS that are of the same impact related to COVID 19. The efficiency of the method has resulted in to increase in its utility.

The war against the virus is a fight that needs the control of the pathogens in the air by the use of ionization energy.  The new research has captured that the intensity of the COVID 19 virus could be tremendous and, at the same time, tragic. Hence the need to uphold more stringent measures that require scientific approval to maximize the resources available to combat the virus. This should be done before the situation becomes worse. The dawn of each day means that more infections are realized, and hence the situation is becoming worse than previously thought.

Louisville Kentucky Bipolar ionization killing coronavirue also The idea of the aerosolized spread of the virus means that the infected particles are increasingly hanging in the air. The need for active air cleaning would render positive results. The Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization technology is proving to be effective as it started way back in Europe in the 1970s, though, at the time, it was based on food industries to avoid post-harvest losses. The method has been tried and tested for quite some time. It has proven effective for the past decades as it helped to SARS virus in the year 2004. The question should be, why should it not be effectively utilized in the war against COVID 19?

The technology is also proving to be quite affordable and sustainable. This results from the current advances that have made installing in companies and other virus-prone areas more effortless. The confidence of the effectiveness of the virus, according to researchers, is that COVID 19 is an enclosed/enveloped virus and thus easy to kill compared to exposed viruses. The dangerous naked virus contained by the Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization makes perfect case studies for the fight against the COVID 19 virus, a world pandemic.

Factors to consider in the application of Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization     

These three factors should lay the basics that should encourage the use of Louisville Kentucky vBipolar ionization.

  • The positive effect on the air is the hub of the COVID 19 particles, mostly in densely populated areas such as towns.
  • The positive effect on the surfaces that the infected come into contact with. Louisville Kentucky Bipolar ionization is effective in cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces.
  • The use of Louisville Kentucky bipolar ionization for decades prove that it has worked on even the worst viruses and yielded positive results

Louisville Kentucky Bipolar Ionization killing virus from air

However, there is limited information and peer-reviewed studies that endorse the technology. Some systems have a negative effect that may lead to the emission of abnormal levels of ozone that depend on the manufacturer. Lastly, people might get exposed to chemicals and particles that are freed into the air is risky.


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