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How Does Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions Work?

Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions using to purify airHow Does Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions Work: Alliance Comfort Systems provides you with the most advanced HVAC system for your indoor air cleaning needs, the Global plasma solutions. Similar to needlepoint bi-polar ionization, Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions fight all airborne and surface living -viruses and bacteria. The technology contains ions that clean air circulation through a ventilation system and all its components.

Our goal as Alliance Comfort Systems is to provide you with air-quality solutions to lead to healthier occupants, increased work productivity, and ultimately a clean, safe and healthy environment. Our highly advanced system of Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions enhances a cost-effective HVAC system that will enhance your energy savings related to heating, ventilating, and cooling processes within your premises.

With safely installed HVAC equipment, Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions are reliable. It enhances a long-term or permanent solution for cleaning your indoor air by generating ions that exist in nature and are released in your facility’s air circulation, penetrating spaces throughout the building.

The first step involves forming negative and positive ions created in a forced air stream within your building. Secondly, the ions then mix with Ammonia molecules. Further, the negative and positive ions produced by the unit break down gasses as the gasses regroup to form safe and desirable gases already prevalent in humans’ atmosphere through the VOC removal procedure.

These gasses cannot harm you because ions have broken them down. The third phase involves ions reacting to form hydroxyls that rob off the pathogen’s hydrogen needed to survive, making them weak, harmless, and inactive. At this point, water vapor is created. The ions get attached to the particles; the particles become large by attracting closer particles of the opposite polarity, thereby increasing the air filtration effectiveness.

Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions are easy & safe to use

Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions killing air virusesUsing Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions within your building enhances safety that brings several benefits such as increased work performance and efficiency. Besides, you get relieved on employees’ sick leaves, and you avoid sending workers on sick days off. You also make upfront HVAC savings, energy savings, and a decrease in sick building syndrome, mostly occurring among 16 million employees annually.

Another benefit of having a functioning Global plasma solution unit within your building is better controlling air quality and indoor temperatures, greatly impacting your work performance. Also, biological growths such as bacteria and mold are prevented and eliminated because if they prevail, they cause infections affecting the respiratory system that could lead to fatalities.

How it works

Therefore, from how Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions work, you realize that it’s purposed to serve you by enhancing the environment around us while keeping your customers safe and healthy. Providing indoor air quality is the number one goal for Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions.

Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions killing covid-19 virusesFor a Global plasma solution to work in your facility or building, you need to contact us for ionization installation, which will be done at the air handler or in the ductwork. Siemens is a necessary part of the system and installation process because they offer sensors that monitor and control ion levels being produced.

Make smart infrastructure part of your facilities’ infection control and air-quality solution today. Call us and have us install a Louisville Kentucky Global plasma solutions unit within your building.


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