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Why Need Industrial Chiller Repair? 7 most helpful suggestion

Industrial Chiller Repair: Chillers are heavy-duty industrial-level machines used to keep the temperature of a manufacturing process to a manageable level. As such, Industrial chiller repair becomes your top priority if something goes wrong. No matter what facility it is, improper handling of the machine can cause a lot of damage in terms of money, efficiency, and energy consumption.

Why You May Need Industrial Chiller Repair?

Why Need Industrial Chiller RepairImproper Operating Practices:

The consequences of improperly operating a Industrial chiller can be pretty dire. Trying to get it to do something it was not supposed to do results in the decreased efficiency and reduced life span of the Industrial chiller. An example is that some try to increase the chilled water flow rate. The problem is, the manufacturer has already set a flow rate. Exceeding that limit can reduce the chiller’s efficiency significantly. Engaging in these practices can lead to erosion of tubes and their eventual failure.


The Industrial chiller tubes are mostly made of copper. This material is already susceptible to rusting, and when you factor in two dissimilar metals, the tubes experience heavy galvanic corrosion. It also results in the loss of carbon steel, which heavily affects the performance. The reason for this corrosion is the sediment buildup as well as issues regarding poor water flow. The tube will eventually perforate, and refrigerant will also be lost.

Inspection Of Performance:

Industrial chiller performance boost using Chiller RepairThese, especially centrifugal Industrial chillers, are pretty complex and comprise many different components. As such, the smooth performance of every part is necessary to ensure the seamless operation of the machine. Experts advise checking the operational performance and efficiency rates every 8 years. If the efficiency levels are at the required standards, it’s ok; otherwise, changing the chillers becomes necessary.

Worn Electrical Components:

As stated above, a Industrial chillers comprises several parts, so it is necessary to keep an eye on everything. But everything has its own life, and the same is for this. The electrical components will be worn down over time due to a multitude of reasons, like mishandling or long operating hours.

Widening Tolerances Between Moving Parts:

It is an industrial machine designed and built with precision. This is why the widening gaps between any moving parts can act as chink in the armor. Over time, the chance of this happening is possible with a high percentage, but if caught on time, the fault can be repaired without any problem.

The advantages of Industrial Chiller RepairCorroded Heat-Transfer Surfaces:

Many surfaces can easily corrode over time due to the constant transfer of extreme temperature. Heat is one of the most significant factors that can deal heavy damage over time, so even if it is heat transfer surfaces, they will also wear away.

Long Run Time Hours:

It’s true that machines also need rest. Sure, they get that at the end of the day, but still, the long run time of thousands of hours can decrease the efficiency and wear down the individual components of the Industrial chillers.


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