You are currently viewing Louisville KY Commercial Chiller Rental: 5 great steps a chiller operates in and the types you can rent

Louisville KY Commercial Chiller Rental: 5 great steps a chiller operates in and the types you can rent

Louisville KY Commercial Chiller Rental: Whether you find them tucked away in basements or placed on roofs, chillers help keep the occupants of certain buildings comfortable (and chilly).

What is better an air conditioner or a Louisville KY Commercial chiller rental?

They operate likewise to an air conditioner, but they include a few essential distinctions that make a Louisville KY Commercial chiller rental better efficient for service in large buildings.

1: Refrigeration cycle

To comprehend why a Louisville KY Commercial chiller rental is better fitted for structures, let us look at how chillers work, commencing with the refrigeration cycle.

Use of refrigerant

Essentially, chillers use refrigerant to collect heat from a building and reject it outside. The refrigerant continuously processed through a cycle indicates that the cycle begins at the compressor.

2: The beginning of the cycle.

The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, which raises its pressure, and, therefore, its temperature. The added pressure is also what propels the refrigerant throughout the system.

3: Moving onto the condenser

Budget friendly Louisville KY Commercial Chiller RentalAfter the compressor, the refrigerant moves onto the condenser. The condenser is where the refrigerant deserts heat collected from the building.

The refrigerant exits the condenser at a cooler temperature. At this point, the refrigerant is ready to be depressurized and used to absorb heat from a building.

4: What happens when the refrigerant leaves the condenser?

Once the refrigerant leaves the condenser, it reaches the expansion valve. This valve depressurizes the refrigerant, like covering the end of a garden hose with your thumb and letting out a fine mist of water. The loss of pressure causes the refrigerant to dramatically drop its temperature, making it ready for the final step of the refrigerant cycle: the evaporator.

5: Evaporator

Inside the evaporator, shaped like a tank, chilled water runs through metal tubes that come into contact with the cold refrigerant.

Sometimes, the refrigerant goes through the metal tubes instead of the water. This contact allows the refrigerant to collect heat from the chilled water before the water leaves the evaporator. Afterward, the refrigerant travels back to the compressor and begins the cycle again.

Types of condenser

The advantages of Louisville KY Commercial Chiller RentalThere are two different types of condensers used in a Louisville KY Commercial chiller rental, and the difference lies in whether a chiller is air-cooled or water-cooled.

Water-cooled chiller

In a water-cooled chiller, the condenser is a tank-like evaporator, but water absorbs heat from the refrigerant instead of the other way around. The condenser water then travels to a cooling tower, often located on a rooftop, where the ambient air cools down the water before it returns to absorb more heat.

Air-cooled chiller

In an air-cooled Louisville KY Commercial chiller rental, on the other hand, the condenser is not a tank but instead a series of coils containing the refrigerant. In this case, the stations outside.

Purpose of the refrigerant cycle

The unit’s fans pull ambient air over the coils, which cools down the refrigerant before it advances the expansion valve. The entire purpose of the refrigerant cycle is to accumulate heat from the chilled water and to decline the heat outside.

So, once the chilled water leaves the evaporator, where does it go?  Well, that depends

Louisville KY Commercial Chiller Rental with advance technologyThe water can go to chill specialized equipment or manufacturing processes for industrial applications. But for commercial applications, the chilled water often goes to an air handler unit. Inside the air handler unit, air comes into contact with a coil that runs the chilled water.

Much like how an evaporator cools the water inside a chiller, the coil cools down the air that eventually enters the open space of a building. The chilled water, now warmer from the absorbed heat, returns to the evaporator to be cooled down once again.

These mechanisms allow a chiller to cool down mid-to-large-size buildings efficiently. The refrigerant cycle is the same as that of an ordinary air conditioner, but the general efficiency of a chilled water system makes a Louisville KY Commercial chiller rental better for large buildings.



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