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Are solutions by Louisville Global Plasma Solutions 5 important benefit?

Louisville Global Plasma Solutions emerged as a revolutionary company after developing a highly beneficial technology for maintaining clean Are solutions by Global Plasma Solutions Louisville 5 important benefit?indoor air. Their Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology is praised for its ability to eliminate pathogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, dander, and odor from indoor spaces.

Certain microbes and bacteria can break into our homes and contaminate the enclosed environment. They are even to blame for many diseases. Therefore, it is important to get rid of these harmful microorganisms so that you can live in a safe environment and breathe cleaner air. This is what Louisville Global Plasma Solutions has to offer — clean air and safe environments.

Benefits of the Louisville Global Plasma Solutions Technology

Here are the benefits of the patented NBPI technology by Louisville Global Plasma Solutions.

1. A unique, effective way to capture and immobilize pathogens

The Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology is one of its kind among other methodologies in the indoor air quality industry. This distinct technology is designed to cater to each customer’s needs. The key lies in the process of ionization. The NBPI technology effectively makes a space free of fatal viruses and bacteria by creating an ionization field that targets contaminants as well as particulate matter — it breaks down polluted air into harmless compounds.

2. Seamless integration with cooling and heating systems

The best feature of the NBPI technology is that it can be easily outfitted into any HVAC system, and it will do its magic! Besides, it can also be used in portable air cleaners to generate positively and negatively charged ions. The technology is designed to cater to industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. Since it caters to a larger target audience, many customers can capitalize on its benefits.

3. Decreased energy costs

Global Plasma Solutions Louisville Decreased energy costsThe Louisville Global Plasma Solutions technology is specifically suited for commercial premises with higher energy needs. Commercial spaces require more energy, so they struggle with high operating costs and energy expenses. Good news: HVAC systems equipped with the NBPI technology are energy-efficient, thus helping businesses cut down on energy costs. In addition, consuming fewer energy results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental conservation.

4. Targets a wide range of pollutants

Another useful feature of the NBPI technology is that it targets and kills an array of microorganisms, which means you need not invest in more than one air purifier. The ionization process in devices with NBPI technology helps eliminate VOCs, mold, odor, dander, dust, chemical smells, bacteria, and viruses. The effective technology allows dust, pollen, and pet dander to attract to each other and become vaster. As a result, they are easier to trap. As far as other harmful compounds are concerned, NBPI breaks them down into harmless substances by depriving them of hydrogen, which is an essential component of their survival.

5. Leverages the beneficial negative ions

Global Plasma Solutions Louisville Leverages the beneficial negative ionsMany air purifiers depend on technologies based on ultraviolet rays to purify the indoor air and make it ‘breathable.’ However, such air purifiers are ridden with problems, such as the overproduction of harmful compounds like ozone. In contrast, the HVAC systems functioning on the NBPI technology do not produce any harmful by-products. In fact, they only generate a conscious stream of negative and positive ions. The negative ions — that naturally occur in nature — are extremely beneficial for humans and remove airborne allergens, like pollen and spores.

To conclude, the Louisville Global Plasma Solutions products are safe to use, as they rely on a tried-and-tested technology, which yields positive results. If bad indoor air quality is your concern, Louisville Global Plasma Solutions truly has a solution! Using their products will help you maintain ideal air quality and protect your family from life-threatening pathogens.


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