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Louisville Global plasma solutions ™ technology: Independent testing confirms that bipolar ionization kills viruses and bacteria. People and Louisville Global plasma solutions produce virus free airanimals cough, sneeze and touch objects where air contaminants may have landed. Viruses and pathogens are always ready to infect their next victim, and the actions of people touching and sneezing make it easy for the viruses and bacteria to infect them. Louisville Global plasma solutions ™ technology is easily added to any forced air heating and cooling system.

It works very differently because each process is different, unique, and customized for every client. It starts from ionization, the solution at Alliance Comfort Systems removes viruses and volatile organic compounds, and plasma solutions solution kills bacteria and reduces particles. Interestingly, Louisville Global plasma solutions is™ innovative needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology that was the first of its kind in the indoor air quality industry.

This technology can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes, with commercial buildings being the largest energy consumers. There are 12 granted patents powering this technology, with other patents pending. This technology looks into particulates, pathogens, odor, and indoor air quality.

The benefit of Louisville Global plasma solutions me technology

Louisville Global plasma solutions air purification systemGlobal plasma solution technology has a lot of benefits, especially to commercial buildings. With an enormous consumption of energy, the cost of operation and energy bills are always skyrocketing. However, with a Global plasma solution, these buildings can reduce the amount of air they require from outside, leading to reduced energy bills. Anything that saves money and conserves energy by approximately 30% is very welcomed and approved.

It is also a concern whether whatever energy we decide to use leads to global warming. Preserving the environment is among our major priorities, and a lot of energy consumption is bound to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of energy production and consumption by the Plasma solutions results in environmental conservation.

Global plasma solution technology process

During the Global plasma solution  is™ ionization process, dust, pet dander, and pollen is drawn together, increasing their size and mass. These airborne particulates become more extensive, making them easier to capture. For odor and Volatile Organic Compounds, whether cooking, pet, and chemical odors, the process breaks them down into compounds free of smell. The plasma generator creates ions that attack and curb the virus pathogens, killing them, bacteria and mold. How do the ions kill the virus? By taking away hydrogen from them, which is essential for their survival.

Louisville Global plasma solutions killing air virusesWhen the ions produced by this plasma air purification technology are allowed into the air stream, they break down pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor. Louisville Global plasma solutions technology has successfully had 150,000 installations, and it is still on an upward trajectory.

Unlike air purification technology, which relies on ultraviolet light and only short travel distances, the ions produced by Louisville Global plasma solutions technology can travel long distances within the air stream.  They can clean the air even when they are not close to the plasma generator. plasma solutions are a technology that creates the same ions as nature, which makes them naturally occurring phenomena like lightning, ocean waves, and waterfalls. Louisville Global plasma solutions technology creates these ions without creating an ozone problem.

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