Industrial Sanitizer Service

industrial sanitizer_Alliance Comfort SystemsStopping the spread of illness is a priority for industrial facilities. Disinfecting techniques and basic cleaning practices are usually sufficient, but prevention can be inhibited if not performed correctly. Alliance Comfort Systems help industrial facilities achieve better air quality with Global Plasma™, an advanced technology that places control back into the hands of business owners, facility managers, and decision-makers. Clean air is essential for conducting business in a healthy environment. Our industrial sanitizer services are formulated to heighten your facility’s air quality and improve employees’ and consumers’ environments. 

Viruses, bacteria, and mold contribute to the spread of infectious illnesses in places where people congregate to conduct business. Combating viruses, of course, comes with everyday disease control activities as recommended by the CDC, such as proper hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when a person can wash their hands with warm water and soap. Airborne viruses may also land on surfaces and survive for some time, or an infected person may come in contact with a body and leave traces of contamination to be picked up by an unsuspecting victim. 

Industrial Sanitizer and Viruses

Killing viruses and preventing their subsequent spread requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Global Plasma enables us to attack viruses in the air and on the surface. Additionally, the technology addresses several unique aspects of indoor air that are important to note. First, the industrial sanitizer system that we have in place helps facilities save on energy. Efficient air systems save on resources and the cost to operate. Next, Global Plasma not only reduces but also controls VOCs. Finally, air systems are certainly about control, and that is exactly what our sanitizing capabilities allow facility managers to do. Global Plasma will help to control outside air and, as a result, reduce materials such as mold and bacteria growth. 

Exposure to viruses has a direct relationship to how ill employees in a facility become. More illness contributes to more times missed from work and less productivity for businesses. Air quality must be among the best to ensure that people do not become sick or experience allergies. Hundreds of thousands of dollars may be lost due to exposure to unhealthy air. Moreover, ongoing exposure to toxic environments may have long-term health implications. 

Industrial Sanitizer and Reducing Sick Calls

Upper respiratory infections are common and tend to peak during certain times of the year, such as flu season. Conditions such as asthma and COPD may also make people more sensitive to the environmental triggers around them. Valuable time and resources are lost with repeated medical appointments, urgent care visits, and costly prescriptions. Similarly, time lost at work also has financial consequences for employees as well as business owners.

Our industrial sanitizer services respond to a growing demand for better air to breathe. Research indicates that everyday items found inside of workplaces house thousands of viruses and germs. Because equipment found in offices is often touched, the spread of infection happens quickly. A virus strain can live on a surface for as many as three days. The good news is that businesses can make a difference in the lives of employees, customers, and more by considering clean air through Global Plasma™.

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