How Louisville KY Bipolar Ionization Work against Covid-19?

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Louisville KY Bipolar Ionization Work against Covid-19

Louisville KY Bipolar ionization is one of the ways of providing cleanroom air in your facility. This air is free from any disease-causing pathogens. The attack from the new coronavirus proved that attacks from viral diseases are possible now and in the future. Louisville KY Bipolar ionization functions by separating particles that are in the air into two, which results in those that are positively and negatively charged ions. The air in any room contains water but in vapor form.

Louisville KY Bipolar ionization thus works by separating water into H+ and O2-. Similarly, the hydrogen ions separate into H+ and OH-. What then results from that comes back together and forms (OH) or hydroxyl radicals that can react and work to eliminate hydrogen from other particles.

Louisville KY Bipolar ionization thus works by separating water into H+ and O2-Coronavirus is one of the disease-causing pathogens that contain hydrogen. A protein coating or a capsid well protects the virus. However, this coating enables the virus to adapt, move and survive in a new host and infect the host. The coating is what now contains the hydrogen ions.

When the hydrogen ions are removed, the virus is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, and it is unable to spread. For example, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that persons clean their hands using warm water and soap or sanitizer, the target was the virus on their hands and surfaces. In this way, these are also supposed to irritate the virus’s envelope, making it impossible to infect the next person.

Louisville KY bipolar ionization is best used in a roomTo effectively eradicate germs, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens in the air, Louisville KY bipolar ionization is best used in a room that is already installed with an air filtration system. Once Louisville KY bipolar ionization is used in a room, positively and negatively charged ions are dispatched and surround all the particles in the air. This process then adds mass to the particles in the air, including germs, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens. As a result, all these particles are brought to the ground, making them easily removed by any filtration system present in the room. This process is successful because the positively and negatively charged ions work by eradicating hydrogen from pathogens.

Louisville KY Bipolar ionization robs coronavirus, an essential part of its survival. Once the protective coat is destroyed, the virus is rendered inactive and unable to survive on a new host. Initially, these particles are usually tiny and cannot be seen by naked eyes in the room. However, with the threat of coronavirus, facility owners have the responsibility of taking care of their customers and staff to ensure the risk of the virus is minimal.

Louisville KY bipolar ionization to work effectivelyWhen the particles are too small, they may not be filtered by the filter system in the room, and some may be left hanging in the air and cause viral diseases. So, in Louisville KY bipolar ionization is helpful because once the charged mist is released into the air, the particles in the air begin to attract one another when the protective coat is removed. After all, they are oppositely charged. As a result, the particles come together and form larger particles, resulting in them lowering to the ground.

For Louisville KY bipolar ionization to work effectively now, the facility owners will also use it alongside other ways like cleaning or wiping surfaces. This is because it does not clean the surfaces.

Louisville KY Bipolar ionization helps remove coronavirus from the facility, which makes it a good option for any facility. Coronavirus is a threat we all must live with now that business has gone back to usual. However, it is still a threat to our health that we must take care to avoid. In case of an infected person within your facility, then measures must be taken against your facility, which would be very harsh and put off customers.


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