Coronavirus Sanitizer-Improving Air Quality

coronavirus sanitizer Alliance Comfort SystemsCommercial facilities are looking for a coronavirus sanitizer solution as the recent pandemic continues to sweep the globe. But what exactly is the coronavirus? Even though the latest pathogen is being called novel to indicate new by experts, coronaviruses are anything but. What is new, however, is the latest strain that causes the illness COVID-19, a disease that seems to target primarily the upper respiratory system, including the lungs as well as other vital organs. 

Considering widespread shutdowns, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders in nearly every city in the continental United States and many parts of the world now is a good time to think about coronavirus sanitizer treatment facilities. Outbreaks of the virus have happened in well-known commercial facilities, retail stores, manufacturing plants, and warehouses worldwide. However, circumventing the virus’s spread may lie beyond traditional cleaning products and air quality checks and focus on advanced technology. 

As your business works to recover from the effects of a global pandemic, consider Global Plasma as a way to control the air quality in your facility. As an HVAC leader, we can deliver a cutting-edge treatment that has been tested against aggressive pathogens in commercial settings. Understanding the benefits of Global Plasma with Alliance Comfort Systems will reveal a viable way to address the challenge of maintaining excellent air quality and preventing viruses spread in a controlled manner. 

Coronavirus Sanitizer in Facilities

The air that people breathe must be free from contaminants. Business owners, employees, and customers spent several hours per day working in facilities. Medical offices, schools, government buildings, nursing homes, and retail establishments are just a few examples of places that depend on HVAC systems to provide temperature control and proper air quality. Furthermore, facilities are also prone to viruses, mold, and mildew for several reasons. Anywhere people gather in groups is susceptible to hosting disease-causing pathogens. 

Keeping facilities clean is not just about disinfecting bathrooms and vacuuming up dust. Companies must go further to ensure that the quality of the air being breathed in buildings is actually safe. Not sure about what Global Plasma can do for your building? Read on to learn more.

The purpose of Global Plasma is to improve indoor air quality. As a result, technology can improve people’s lives inside an establishment that includes employees and patrons. First, the technology reduces the amount of outside air that enters a facility. Outside air may carry viruses, allergens, and contaminated particles. The airflow can certainly reduce temperature control systems’ effectiveness, leading to increased moisture and, subsequently, mold and mildew. Dangerous chemicals are capable of entering a facility if outside air is not reduced to a large extent. Most importantly, controlling outside air contributes to greater efficiency, which means more savings on the operation of temperature control systems. 

In controlling outdoor temperature, Global Plasma also enables facilities to have better control of indoor temperatures. Research indicates that as a result, employees are more comfortable when carrying out day to day tasks in a facility that has ideal temperatures. The benefits of technology promote elevated work performance and fewer health risks due to inadequate management of temperatures where viruses and bacteria can thrive.

Viruses in Commercial Settings

Workplaces provide a hub for viruses to live. The common items found in a commercial building frequently host harmful pathogens that may eventually infect staff. For example, a mousepad, phone handset, headset, and computer keyboards are used by one or more people in certain establishments. It takes little to no time for millions of microscopic germs to infect an object. If a person is ill, they can leave traces of viruses that remain on surfaces for an extended period of time. Unsuspecting victims will pick up the virus and transfer it throughout a facility widening the spread of infection. The results can be unprecedented, as in the case of the coronavirus and COVID-19. For this reason, every business should consider a place for coronavirus sanitizer within health and safety practices for facilities. 

Businesses cannot afford to lose employees due to illness, and employees cannot afford to lose their income to being sick. Every measure should be taken to ensure that buildings are efficient and comfortable, and healthy. Upper respiratory infections are costly, but in many cases, they can be prevented with adequate measures. 

Global Plasma Effects on Viruses

Viruses are often airborne, meaning that they can be transmitted through droplets in the air. The most common way a person can become infected by an airborne virus is through breathing in droplets from a cough or a sneeze from an infected person. In the coronavirus case, reports indicate that a person can become sick if an infected individual breathes on an unsuspecting victim. Furthermore, viruses can be picked up from surfaces where infected individuals transfer germs from their hands to areas where other people make contact. 

Global Plasma kills viruses in the air and on surfaces. The technology has been tested on common pathogens such as the cold virus and the flu and happens to have an extremely high kill rate of around 99% in many cases. The process that the technology uses is called bipolar ionization, an effective method that inactivates viruses and renders them useless even if they are somehow inhaled. 

Addressing illnesses such as the Bird Flu and Avian Flu have shown the method used in O2Prime to deliver optimal results. Third-party researchers have found that in laboratory tests, the treatment works quickly. There are added benefits, however, to the Global Plasma system. In addition to killing viruses and controlling their spread, technology has effectively removed the mold, mildew, and odors. Eliminating all of the above contaminants contributes greatly to better air quality, a must for commercial and industrial settings. 

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